Das 4-Stufen Modell der Emotionalen Intelligenz von Maschinen


Künstliche Intelligenz ist wie die Elektrizität vor ungefähr 100 Jahren

Über alle Branchen hinweg ist dem Thema künstliche Intelligenz (KI) derzeit nicht zu entkommen, und wenn man sich mit Innovation beschäftigt, sollte man das auch nicht. KI verleiht den …

The “Making-of Co-Creation” Video

Looking back at “10 years of HYVE” we have merged our experiences of the past decade in a comprehensive video on Co-Creation. Co-Creation is a major hype and hot topic – however, a lot of people have difficulties to understand Co-Creation. The video gives an introduction to Co-Creation and its various facets during new product development along examples from practice.

LAUNCH of the BMW Group Co-Creation Lab

It is crucial to think of co-creation as a strategic programme rather than as a “just in time” outsourcing of innovation tasks. A co-creation programme is characterized by continuous collaborative relationships with users, consisting of various internal and external cycles …


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