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Towards Human-Centered Design

The consequence of taking customer orientation serious is to integrate them right at the heart of value creation – in new product design and development. The transitions in innovation management during the last years allow us exactly to that in …

The Morphology of Co-Creation

With the morphology of co-creation I want to offer an analysis framework which helps to systematically align co-creation and open innovation activities along its major constitutional dimensions.

Co-Creation 360

The proficient realization of single co-creation projects is not a warranty for the overall success of co-creation. It rather depends on the ability of the firm to assimilate and implement users’ value contributions in the existing innovation process. At this …

Co-Creation in the Automobile Industry – The Audi Virtual Lab

In the following I want to share some insights mainly from the co-creation projects I initiated during the time I worked for the carmaker Audi. Two consecutive projects termed the “Audi Virtual Lab 1” and the “Audi Virtual Lab 2” were conducted in Germany, Japan and in the US. Overall more than 7.000 customers participated in the co-development of the Audi in-car multimedia system. As a co-creation technique we applied web-based user design firstly introduced by the MIT Professors Dahan/Hauser.

Netnography – Utilizing Online Communities as source of Innovation

Listening in on web conversations opens up a whole universe to find and explore new fields of innovation. Here are some exciting insights from the cosmetics industry

Patients as Partners – Co-Creation in Health Care

Most of the time we discuss concepts like consumer centric-design, co-creation or open innovation in the context of business management. However I guess it makes perfectly sense to carry forward the experiences and findings to other fields of application like i.e. the field of health care.


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