Autonomous Driving – The User Perspective

Autonomous Driving (AD) has been said to be the next big disruptive innovation in the years to come. Considered as being predominantly technology driven, it is supposed to have massive societal impact in areas such as insurance, laws and regulations, …

New Market Research – Offen für Neues

urch die digitale Revolution und deren Einfluss auf Technologie, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft hat sich das Arbeitsfeld unserer Profession der Markt- und Sozialforschung erheblich erweitert. Als „digital“ und „innovativ“ könnte man vereinfacht die Ansätze der „neuen Marktforschung“ bezeichnen...

JPIM Publication: A Manager’s Perspective on Virtual Customer Integration for New Product Development

More than 200 companies were part of the study with the objective to find out how mangers think about digital methods to integrate customers in the innovation process. What is their attitude towards co-creating with customers and what are the key drivers for acceptance within the companies they represent?

A Quick Guide on Augmented Reality and the Journey to Augmented Research

The Terminator, RoboCop, Iron Man, Yu-Gi-Oh and Tom Cruise in Minority Report are using it - Augmented Reality. Enough motivation for us to learn more about this emerging field. by Michael Bartl and Torsten Erbel

The “Making-of Co-Creation” Video

Looking back at “10 years of HYVE” we have merged our experiences of the past decade in a comprehensive video on Co-Creation. Co-Creation is a major hype and hot topic – however, a lot of people have difficulties to understand Co-Creation. The video gives an introduction to Co-Creation and its various facets during new product development along examples from practice.

Ein Kommentar zur Neuordnung und Identitätsfindung der Markt- und Sozialforschung im Online-Zeitalter

von Michael Bartl

Das User-Wissen nutzen – W&V Interview mit Dr. Michael Bartl

Social Media und Marktforschung

LAUNCH of the BMW Group Co-Creation Lab

It is crucial to think of co-creation as a strategic programme rather than as a “just in time” outsourcing of innovation tasks. A co-creation programme is characterized by continuous collaborative relationships with users, consisting of various internal and external cycles …

BVM sets Co-Creation Footprint in Germany

CONSUMER EMPOWERMENT, OPEN INNOVATION, CO-CREATION and CROWDSOURCING – these are the hot topics covered by the 45th annual BVM (German Association for Market and Social Research) conference. For me, this event carried out by the market research community demonstrates two notable changes in the innovation management landscape...

What is Social Brand Value?

The concept is defined as the extent to which people share a brand or information about a brand as part of their everyday social lives at work or at home.


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